We Made Cat GIFs Out Of Run The Jewels “RTJ2” Lyrics

Run The Jewels

RUN THE JEWELS’ RTJ2 isn’t for the faint of heart. The new album from Killer Mike and El-P firmly solidifies them as rap’s inaugural Tag Team champions and along with having the ability to 3D you through an announcer’s table, it’s a project for the people – one that will prompt you to borrow your great aunt’s Honda Civic just so you can feel the bass rattle your lungs around. We’ll be posting our feature on the 11-track effort later this week but to support the duo’s release day and everything Meow The Jewels, we’ve pieced together a collection of GIFs. They’re cat GIFs (obviously) and if you haven’t noticed, they contain Run The Jewels lyrics. You can thank the Internet for this one.

Run The Jewels’ RTJ2 can be downloaded for free or grabbed on CD/vinyl via the folks at Mass Appeal

Run The Jewels - Van Gogh

Run The Jewels - Tip-Toe

Run The Jewels - Rat-A-Tat

Run The Jewels - Rome

Run The Jewels - Vegas

Run The Jewels - Fingers

Run The Jewels - Piranhas

Run The Jewels - Yankees

Run The Jewels - Bae

Run The Jewels - Wildin Out

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