Photos: Blood Orange, TOPS at Danforth Music Hall

Although the Lollapalooza incident is an issue that shouldn’t be ignored, it’s also hard to sidestep Devonte Hynes’ appeal as a performer. The 28-year-old composer has always been on the tip of everyone’s tongue and in their back of their heads, and his stop-off at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall (June 30th) updated that installation – putting an end to Dev’s three-year absence with the grooves and moves that... Read More

SOUNDCHECK: Bleeding Knees Club (SXSW 2012)

Hailing all the way from the Gold Coast, Aussie natives Alex Wall and Jordan Malane (plus their drifter drummer) make up BLEEDING KNEES CLUB, a band that give a whole new meaning to the term RGB (rhythm, guitar and blues). Though they’ve only existed for a year, the duo +1 have made a significant impact bringing a new spin on lo-fi and penning more songs about girls than a burn out sitting with his guitar watching a 1980s’ John Hughes... Read More