For Your Ears Only: Hey Ocean!

Hey Ocean!Photo Credit: IndieCan Radio

WHO: Ashleigh Ball, David Beckingham, Dave Vertesi, Dan Klenner

ORIGIN: Vancouver, B.C.


GENRE: Indie Funk

LATEST RELEASE: It’s Easier To Be Somebody Else (2008)

WHO CARES?: Unique to the bone, Hey Ocean! are one of the biggest unsigned bands in Canada. Like the touring funk machines they are, the quartet will be touring with Spiral Beach this spring.

SOUNDS LIKE: A hip and funk-filled jazz club located on the shores of an exotic beach.

LISTEN TO: “A Song About California”, “The Beatboxer Who Broke My Heart”



Check out this clip of their homemade video for the track “Alleyways”

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  • MegJeeves says:

    I really like this band. Their music is sounds soo interesting i love it haha. Thank you for introducing me.
    Ps. Yay Josh I love your site:)

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