13 Questions With…Dan Young

Despite being busy with the release of their third album Who Are You Now?, This Providence’s frontman Dan Young took some time off to answer his 13 questions.

Dan Young

Why did you guys choose the name This Providence?

We really like the word “providence” because it has so many different meanings. Like it represents divine intervention in a sense and what an individual’s destined to do.

What’s so great about Seattle, Washington?

Definitely the summer. Everything’s just so green and the downtown area and its music scene is really, really cool.

Who was your favourite band/musician growing up?

Since I grew up in Australia I was really into a lot of local bands but I was also into others like MxPx.

What did your parents listen to while you were growing up?

I come from a Christian household so we listened to a lot of Christian music and even classical music as I was taught how to play the piano. There was also the occasional Doobie Brothers too!

While recording your first record, Our Worlds Divorce, did you ever think your band would be as famous as it is today?

We really just focused on making our first record and trying to make sure it did well. Like we thought about fame, but it was more about aiming high than anything else.

Is there a reason why you guys have so many different versions of the song “My Beautiful Rescue”?

Basically it came out as a single and people ended up really liking it. One day, we kind of just messed around with it and came up with a version that kept the same melody and tune and sounded great!

What is the song about exactly?

The song can mean a lot of different things to different people, but to me, it’s about finding love when I really didn’t deserve it.

As a singer, who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences would have to be Silverchair, The Killers and older stuff like Queen.

What artist do you wish you could collaborate with and why?

Hmm…that’s a tough one. I like collaborating with people we’ve been on tour with or know personally, so I’d definitely have to say The Morning Light. But I’d love to do something with Silverchair! That would be such an honor!

If you could only keep one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jimmy Eat World – Clarity.

What do you like most about Canada?

The city of Toronto because it’s a beautiful city and its a lot of fun because of all the different cultures.

Do you have any favourite Canadian musicians?

Well aside from Avril Lavigne….City and Colour are really good!

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