For Your Ears Only: Reverse Mount Rushmore

Reverse Mount Rushmore

WHO: Brent Fagan, Danny Lindsay, Spencer Linton, Mike Mikocic and Mitch Syrnyk

ORIGIN: Toronto, Ontario

GENRE: Rock/Experimental

LATEST RELEASE: A bunch of demos that rock

WHO CARES?: They may not have much plays on their MySpace page, but these guys are definitely worth checking out. Originally created as a side project, the band adds a refreshing touch to the Toronto music scene.

SOUNDS LIKE: 90s’ grunge stoned off nostalgic Canadian hard rock.

LISTEN TO: “Kicksand”, “A Song”


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  • j-stone39 says:

    ive seen the band live twice and they dont remind me of grunge, more like dangerous old school rawk. theyre almost doomed in torontos current shocked state of indie, but they have their own thing carrying them. bottoms up to those perpetual underdogs

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