Forget the video game title, this grandmother is a true DJ Hero.

At the age of 69, Ruth Flowers isn’t your average disc jockey. Driven by a passion for music, the British artist has been creating an incredible buzz in Europe, as she’s known to spin at prestigious nightclubs in the city of Paris and is scheduled to perform at a private party for the Cannes Film Festival in May. Because of her popularity and energetic personality, Flowers is also preparing the release of her first EP titled MamyRock.

For those who don’t know, Flowers first discovered her new career choice when she attended her grandson’s party and noticed the atmosphere was entirely different than what she was used to during her younger days. Inspired by the lights and the music, Flowers decided to change her lifestyle and discussed the idea of being a DJ with her grandson.

Soon enough, the aspiring musician teamed together with a French director and producer and worked on learning the basics of mixing and scratching so she could “make everybody move their ass on the dancefloor”.

Although her image and style may seem like a hoax, it’s far from it. Ruth Flowers is a prime example of the average individual exploring their boundaries in order to incorporate as much as happiness as they can in their lifestyle. If it means wearing fresh kicks and donning sunglasses cool enough to make Kanye West jealous, then maybe it’s a journey worth venturing.

Make sure to check out some of DJ Ruth Flowers’ material at her MySpace page.


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