A Word About…Canadian Music Week 2010

The clock is ticking as Canadian Music Week 2010 is about to explode and scatter the city of Toronto with shards of musical creativity.

A major highlight as far as entertainment events go in Canada, Canadian Music Week celebrates the country’s music industry and showcases numerous local and international artists focused on expanding the minds of fans with loud and bold performances. In its 28th year, the event lives by it’s latest slogan:

700 artists. 45 clubs. 5 nights. One wristband.

With an increase in the number of performers and venues, the event hopes to be a memorable one for those who truly enjoy entertainment. The music festival features artists such as Our Lady Peace, K-os, The Trews, Bedouin Soundclash, Copeland, Cage The Elephant and many others from various cities and towns.

Along with ear-shattering, hip-shaking live performances, there is also an expansive music industry conference, a two-day film festival and several award shows praising artists and their work.

Our writers and photographers plan to share our experience during Canadian Music Week 2010 with everyone through intriguing interviews, artistic live reviews and photos that speak more than a thousand words.

So for those who do have a wristband and plan to spend their nights roaming around the streets of Toronto with nothing but a soul begging for music, we salute you. For those who don’t…well.

Stay tuned.

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