For Your Ears Only: Final Flash

Psychedelic folk rock may be unusual but that’s because Final Flash aren’t ordinary. The Montreal quintet is emerging with a rather unique sound and as frontman Joey Chaperon Cyr recently told us, they’re cool with that.

© Sean Wilkin

How did you come up with the name Final Flash?

We were drunk in a bar.
If Final Flash was a physical being, what would it be and what type of personality would it have?

A wet dog looking for its way home.
When did you first get involved in music?

We got started when we were teenagers. I think that’s when it happens for most musicians.

How did the band first come about?

Alex and I were in bands together before and we met the others at a few bars and parties.
Which artists influence you the most?

The ones that are honest.
Bob Dylan or Broken Social Scene?

Are you serious? Bob Dylan by far.
How would you describe your music?

I don’t think I could describe our music. I’m just there to intrigue people so they can listen to us and make their own judgment.
You guys performed at the Toronto International Film Festival’s Canadian Music Café in 2008. How was that experience for you?

It was pretty much like any other show, just with a boring crowd.

What’s one unique thing you bring to the table that other bands don’t?

We’re Final Flash.
You guys became a major hit in China in 2009. Why do you think music lovers over there adore you so much?

They’re really open-minded.
What’s been your favourite show that you’ve played and why?

The album launch in Montreal was pretty cool. We had a few projections and it was really psychedelic.
What’s missing from the Canadian music scene and what does it need less of?

More hippies, less hipsters.
Favourite place in Montreal to hang out at?

My own place.
What does music mean to you?

Everything. It’s the reason why I breathe.

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