REVIEW: Warpaint – “The Fool”

Warpaint / The Fool / Rough Trade

Identical to a brunette in a summer dress at a loft party, The Fool is mysteriously attractive. It’s shy yet riveting, softspoken yet mesmerizing. In the language of music, it’s a record you want to understand inside and out, but can’t and are resorted to embracing its beauty and sense of simplicity. What makes the Los Angeles act so delightfully difficult to understand is not because of the pure feminine touch they have with instruments, it’s the way they toy with the word “genre”.

With a taste for experimental trip-rock and psychedelia (“Bees”, Lissie’s Heart Murmur”), the nine-track debut from Warpaint genuinely forces a lifeless stare full of secrets and scars (“Shadows, Baby”) pleading to be soothed, but willing to survive on a tiny drop of angst. Yes there are insecurities and lapses that slither too far down the rabbit hole, but the group hold their ground with a two-tongued voice and penchant for abstract poetry. Just when you think Warpaint are about to flower and howl at the moon with the volume turned up, they copy their summery doppelganger and do the opposite by emitting sublime melodies with the ability to traumatize Radiohead addicts.

Download: “Baby”, “Shadows”

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