FOR YOUR EARS ONLY: I Hate You Just Kidding

WHO: Jessica Fulghum, Jeremy Brock

HOMETOWN: Costa Mesa, California

GENRE: Acoustic/folk

LATEST RELEASE: Untitled EP (2010)

WHY YOU’LL LOVE THEM: Though they’ve yet to crack the mainstream surface, I Hate You Just Kidding are brimming with enough talent to make you forget other duos with shes and hims. To the oblivious ear the California act’s sound doesn’t hit you with an exclamation mark. That is until Jessica Fulghum’s voice seeps in while holding hands with Jeremy Brock’s guitar and the mysterious emotions buried in each recording create a warm fuzzy feeling inside of you that’s hard to extinguish. Some may call it love, but it’s a painting of impressive songwriting that only knows one target: your heart.

SOUNDS LIKE: The soundtrack you wish would play every time you wake up in the morning next to the person you adore the most.



[Need audio? Check out “My Little Dove” posted below]

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