REVIEW: Duffy – “Endlessly”

Duffy / Endlessly / Universal

The Motown wave has crashed on the shores of the United Kingdom and one of the few left standing is Ms. Aimee Ann Duffy. The Welsh songwriter dazzled the public eye with an exquisite voice on Rockferry and her sophomore does much of the same, but with expected restrictions. Dressed with intimacy, Endlessly chooses cozy numbers over chart toppers, the heartfelt over pop radio glam. The slow dance with the humble character presents itself as a career mistake, but it helps Duffy take a step forward with her voice.

If one thing’s for sure, the dame can croon. “I’ll be tender with your foolish heart cause’ still it’s me who cries,” Duffy whimpers on “Breath Away”, a light take emphasizing the lonely spotlight on her natural talent. Footprints into bold territories with no fear of falling into the pop bear trap that kills careers are evident (“Lovestruck”, “Girl”), but they’re not large. Duffy knows her boundaries; flirting with the last breath of disco is risky, so she relies on charm and innocence and stands close to a rhythm section courtesy of The Roots and an empowering title track whispering gentle yet sensuous sweet-nothings.

Download: “Endlessly”, “Breath Away”


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