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Music is a major part of all us. Whether it’s a sold-out show, an unforgettable kick to the face while in moshing in a crowd or a song that changed us on the inside, it provides an endless handful of memories that continue to shape who we are. In the midst of hitting the road and playing shows, JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD’s JAMIN ORRALL took a break to talk about music and his life, name-dropping acts like The Spits, Heavy Cream and Britney Spears.

Name an album you haven’t stopped listening to lately.

Lately it’s been this record from Kris Kristofferson called Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends. It’s a bunch of his early publishing demos; it’s just him and his guitar and it sounds a lot better than his other albums.
What was the first album you bought on vinyl or cassette?

The first album I bought on vinyl would have been The Kinks’ Greatest Hits. It’s one of those that’s great and you can find somewhere for like two dollars.
Which artist would you say has the greatest discography of all-time?

Can; none of their music or their records are bad.
What was the last festival you attended as a spectator?

I don’t think I’ve ever gone to festival as a spectator. I have no desire to. It’s better to be playing at one and seeing other bands there or watching a band play in a small venue because it sounds better and there’s less people. Like for Bonnaroo this year, I just camped out and watched bands; it was awesome.
Jay Reatard or Pavement?

Jay Reatard; I’ve never been a Pavement fan. I’ve listened to a few of their songs but I’ve never bought their albums or really listened to their music. I should though because people keep talking about them.

What was the first music poster you hung on your wall?

There were a couple; the first two I hung up were The Clash – which was one of those posters you’d find when you open up an album – and one that was of The Cure with “Boys Don’t Cry” on it and a picture of Robert Smith.
Name the worst scar or injury you’ve gotten from a concert.

I haven’t really gotten anything too bad. I’ve been hit in the head hard a few times, gotten bloody lips and pulled muscles. A friend broke his foot during a show though; it was the second time he’d done that too (laughs).
What’s one band tee you will never throw away?

My Heavy Cream one – they’re a band from Nashville. The t-shirt was white but now it’s brown because that’s how much I’ve worn it (laughs) but it has a hand drawing of the band on it which is cool.
Name the best mosh pit or crowd you’ve ever been in as a spectator.

I’d say any show by The Spits. Theirs stick out because when I usually go see them, it’s with friends and everyone’s happy and knows all the words. The shows do get crazy but there’s no violence and their music is just great.
Name one album that needs to be printed on vinyl.

That’s a tough one. There’s so much out there but it’s hard to really think of something. Maybe Britney Spears’ first album …Baby One More Time? You don’t see those on vinyl and it would be interesting to check out (laughs).
What’s one song that defines your life and who you are?

I’d say our song “Heavy Days”. The song itself and all the lyrics and everything represent Jake and I, our life and what we’ve been through together so far, you know? I guess that’s because we wrote it though.

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