REVIEW: Cloud Nothings – “Attack On Memory”

[Jan. 24, 2012 – Carpark Records// Find it at: Insound | iTunes]

Put too much thought into formulating an opinion about Attack On Memory, the third full-length from Dylan Baldi’s outfit Cloud Nothings, and you’ll overlook its assertive tendencies. In more ways than one, the album flutters, stabs at your ears and kicks down a door with a purpose to deliberately break shit. But of course, it’s done in the most indie pop way possible, further showing Baldi can staple the word “post” to the words “indie rock” and do it without hesitation or falling into the mindset of forfeiting to the scribbled opinion of a listener. The sprawling set of material is a complete wardrobe change from the Cleveland rocker’s self-titled 2011 release, withdrawing radio-ready riffs for more structured garage punk that has shards of soul in ever lo-fi moan (“No Future/No Past”), can rip open a perfect blend of pop and gravelly tones (“Cut You”) and explore the uneasiness of a complicated adolescent (“Stay Useless”). Lyrically, Attack On Memory lacks a certified punch, but makes up for it with cohesion. Cloud Nothings have progressed into a band, one that can slam down a pivotal near-end rhythm (“Our Plans”) and properly jam out a nine-minute track without sounding tasteless, weak and monotonous. The haze of noise rock and 70s’ punk influences is a bit thick to wade through, but the exhale is a dizzying blur and the downpour is oddly refreshing.

Download: “Our Plans”, “Separation”, “Wasted Days”

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