BLARE’s 25 Must-Hear Bands At CMW 2012

Let’s face it: it’s March, the weather’s nice and you’d rather be outside, right? Why not take in some tunes? As it’s getting the big 3-0 this year (meaning 30th), CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK is looking to do some damage in the city battling the heat with a fistful of bands (over 800 to be exact) at more than 60 venues, not to mention day showcases by names that deserve the utmost respect (Sonic Boom’s In-Stores) and are on the rise with a purpose (MUSI’s Death In The Afternoon). Swimming through this year’s lineup overflowing with electric rock n’ roll, local hip hop and a strain of punk and hardcore that causes knee scrapes, here’s our picks for artists to jam out to.

Click here for a schedule of this year’s the entire lineup
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