BLARE’s 25 Best Songs Of Summer 2012

With music still shredding waves from sunrise to sunset, it’s sort of unfair to abandon our sanctuaries and give the axe to summer. To be honest, no one wants it to end as everyone’s personal radio is still kicking out jams that leave more than just a routine impression. Punk found its true colours with the emergence of Title Fight and White Lung, MCs like Joey Bada$$ and Killer Mike stitched their roots to their chest to knock hip hop jams out of the park and while electronic pop flickered and blossomed, a duo from Vancouver tossed us an unforgettable raging rock anthem.

But alas, the end is tugging at our shorts and custom tees so after a season full of sweaty shows, instrumental album releases and constant flirtation from NPR and their record streams, here are our 25 Best Songs Of Summer 2012.

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