BLARE’s 5 Best New Artists (September 2012)


NOTES: On paper, FIDLAR may seem like another pack of West Coast skate punk howlers who occasionally let go tough stoner pop jams to feed their need to write, but it’s not because they’re trying to fit into a scene. They stick to their acronym and the early definition of rock and roll and underneath the early dismissals, there’s a breed of in-the-box ingenuity that makes the four-piece a pretty loud hybrid, stacking garage punk escapades (“No Waves”, “Wake Bake Skate”) on top of vulgar guitar lines (“The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid”). The best part is they have way more confidence (and pure talent) than any full-time surfer in Oahu or Lunada Bay.

FILE NEXT TO: King Tuff, Natural Child, Bass Drum Of Death
NOW PLAYING: Don’t Try EP (Mom+Pop Music) // iTunes | Insound

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