BLARE’s 5 Best New Artists (September 2012)


NOTES: It may not be a renown fact just yet, but age is becoming a fickle thing in the world of hip hop. Once a part of A$AP Rocky’s crew, this 19-year-old Harlem MC is sticking a knife next to his genre’s throat just to get intimate and push a whole new universe of ethereal rap. On his first two singles – “Old English” and the Hudson Mohawke-produced “Pierce” – Dominic Lord rolls up a dash of spaced-out instrumentation that’s brave enough to walk the line between cloud rap’s growing cred and the illustrative stylings of Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak. He’s still independent with Geffen, Warner and Def Jam at his heels and his choice topics of conversation should make his upcoming Fashion Show EP a polychromatic portrait we all want to hastily take home, admire and sink into.

FILE NEXT TO: Haleek Maul, TNGHT, Ab-Soul
NOW PLAYING: Old English – Single (Self-Released) // Official Website

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