BLARE’s 5 Best New Artists (September 2012)


NOTES: Northlane have been called a lot of things – including “innovative thinkers” and “a nation’s best kept secret” – but the Sydney, Australia outfit are also supporters outside of being a technically damaging hardcore group. With the release of their debut album Discoveries, the band embodies an ode to the punk movement which when stripped to its raw skin, brutally punishes your nerves and erupts into something vicious on the live stage. Strapped to a 12-date Canadian tour, their ruthless aggression is confined to make a critical amount of noise, and if it hasn’t done so already, open a new door to an entirely different strain of metalcore that’s no ordinary fixation.

FILE NEXT TO: The Ghost Inside, Counterparts, My Ticket Home
NOW PLAYING: Discoveries (Distort Inc.) // iTunes | Official Store

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