Mom + Pop Music – January 22nd 2013
By Dan Rankin (@DanielKRankin)
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Next time you’re watching a film or a television drama about someone who gets a little too into drinking and drugs, take note of the drastic musical shift that takes place between when the bender starts and when it all falls apart. Inevitably, a depressing low tempo number is cued up to usher in the “hungover-next-day” scene or the “locked-out-in-the-rain-at-night” scene. What a bummer. It doesn’t have to be this way. On their self-titled full-length debut, L.A. punk band FIDLAR raise a toast to hitting rock bottom with a collection of songs about the next day that sound like the soundtrack to the night before. For the duration of the fuzzed-out album – between squealing surf rock solos and the crashing of amphetamine-fueled drums – singer Zac Carper proudly praises dirtbag drug addict friends, spending whole pay checks on cocaine, and happily living out of your car. It’s about appreciating the little things. It’s Black Flag without the irony or political motivation; the perfect soundtrack for your next TV party.

Listen: “Wake Bake Skate”, “No Waves”, “5 To 9” || Watch: FIDLAR – “Cheap Beer”

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