Going Live: The Shins, Ra Ra Riot

Clashing together Beta Love and Port Of Morrow, RA RA RIOT and THE SHINS got all indie on Toronto this past Wednesday for what some are calling “a night full of ever-so-sweet guitars and vocals”. While the two have grown into their own over the years, the New Yorkers complimented their Rose City compadres at the Sound Academy with a blissful set of how hearts are meant to beat. Once James Mercer and the vets found a place under the lights – sans popular guitarist Jessica Dobson – they sailed through heavy hitters (“Simple Song”, “Caring Is Creepy”) and an eclectic mix of album cuts before bringing the epic jam to an end with “One By One All Day”. Their near 20-song session moved a few attendees because of its sheer brilliance but that’s what happens when you sing with passion.

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