Going Live: Fall Out Boy

While some would love to mistreat the hashtag “#IWentToAFallOutBoyConcertAndTheyDidntPlayDeadOnArrival”, FALL OUT BOY’s highly anticipated set at the Sound Academy didn’t disappoint. Their quick stop at the docks marked their first appearance in Toronto in more than four years and it fused together a face-smacking introduction (“Thriller”, “A Little Less Sixteen Candles”), forgotten favourites (“Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down”) and even finished on a high note (“Thnks Fr Th Mmrs”, “Saturday”). The most surprising part of the Friday night came in the form of how solid Fall Out Boy still are as a four-piece, in front of 3000-plus, and with a collection of chart-toppers to their name. Effortlessly, they were able to blend new material like “Where Did The Party Go” with “Tell That Mick” and stun like a remastered version of their early Uprising Records days. Despite their rise to radio, they’ve never sounded better.

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