Going Live: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

For the past decade, no one has been able to make an entrance like Karen O. The YEAH YEAH YEAHS’ proverbial frontwoman/vocalist/extraordinaire of sorts can walk onto any stage, from New York’s Mercury Lounge to Toronto’s Echo Beach, and take command of every pair of eyes and ears before her. Why? Because Karen’s a true artist. As she showed during sundown at Monday nights gig, the band’s mutilating form of intensity still flutters and now has the opportunity to glide through four albums of bruisers (“Gold Lion”, “Heads Will Roll”, “Y Control”) and everlasting gems (“Maps”, “Subway”). The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have also become the sort of band that can dust off two brutally awesome encores while Nick Zinner and Brian Chase lurk in the back with a pulse and Karen O delivers a lesson on performing.

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