Introducing: Hunters

Hunters“The fun part about playing a show is not really knowing what’s going to happen”

If bloggers had their way, HUNTERS would be the decade-in-waiting second coming of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The basics state they’re from Brooklyn, they bond over broken instruments on stage, and they’re not afraid to power through rash-inducing guitars that coil around sweet but hazardous boy-girl vocals. It’s just as much as you’d want to throw the kitchen sink at Fever To Tell, you can’t – Isabel Almeida and Derek Watson’s brand of noise punk isn’t one that washes off easily. As their upcoming Mom + Pop LP shows, it’s one you have to cut right out of your skin.

Their singles (“Seizure”, “Street Trash”, “Narcissist”) are sensitive fuzz quips that explode in your head but Hunters does a tremendous job of contorting that indie-pop wall of sound so it can bleed a vivid shade of alternative. Album cuts “She’s So” and “Wonder” seem so unordinary (like a young J Mascis trying to write an intimate mixtape for a metal-loving girl named Scarlett) yet they help the twosome find a balance. And when they hit peaks – as they do on the near six-minute wonder “Nosebleed” – every crash, swell, and quick-change capitalizes on an incredible note.

FILE NEXT TO: Be Your Own Pet, No Age || NOW PLAYING: Hunters (out October 1st on Mom + Pop)

Stream Hunters’ S/T album via The FADER and check out our group of Introducing videos below

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