Going Live: The 1975

As such a pop-orientated band, it was somewhat riveting to see THE 1975 transfer their shift in sound to the live stage. The Manchester outfit stopped by The Mod Club on Sunday (October 13th) for their official Toronto debut and playing to a sold out audience, the group ditched the pretty-boy pop rock and coated their noteworthy material (“The City”, “Chocolate”, “Sex”) with a gritty, mature finish. Maybe it was their backdrop or the way “An Encounter” pinched feverish teenagers, but cuts such as “Heart Out” and “Robbers” felt like polished hit tracks that were too developed to be dated. Nonetheless, the Brits showed they’re turning casual alternative into something special and it’s only a matter of time before we all fall for it (or become obsessed with pea coats). Check out our photos below.

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