Listen To Two New Passion Pit Songs

Passion Pit

Yesterday, PASSION PIT detailed their third studio album Kindred (it’s out in April) and revealed their new single “Lifted Up (1985)”. Now, they’ve released a second track called “Where The Sky Hangs” and while it’s available as a download for anyone that pre-orders the album on iTunes, it does provide a pretty good idea of where Michael Angelakos and company are headed post-Gossamer. In our opinion, it’s difficult to dislike anything they release so check out the two tracks below and share your thoughts.

Passion Pit’s forthcoming record Kindred hits stores and the like on April 21st via Sony/Columbia

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  • Brittany says:

    Love both of these songs so much. I cannot wait for their album Kindred to drop…just pre-ordered it on iTunes today. April 21st can’t come soon enough.

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