Playlist: “Work It Out” With New Balance


With summer pretty much eclipsing spring, the pressure to look and feel your best is on. It’s nothing new yet trying to make it off the couch and into your running shoes can be tough. The struggle is most definitely real –  even when a gym’s just a few steps away, you still can’t seem to get there. Why? We’ve become creative with our excuses. If it isn’t “I lost my headphones”, “I need new gym clothes” or “My dog ate my runners”, it’s likely the most valid excuse of them all: “I don’t have a good workout playlist”. Playlists are carefully curated little windows into our souls and as a result, a good mix is the difference between a short run around the block and a full circuit that will kick your ass right into shape.

The folks at New Balance would be the first to agree that a playlist is everything (and the key to wiping those crumbs off of your lap). Their new Fresh Foam Zante is one of the most comfortable runners known to cardio junkies and they’ve recently teamed up with Spotify to introduce playlists that adapt to your speed and regimen. They’ve also asked a select group of Internet minds to curate their own. So if you’re ready to put down that greasy pizza slice, plug into our mix below and “Work It Out”.

Feeling a bit creative? Enter your own mini playlist via for a chance to win $1,000 in New Balance gear and an exclusive trip for two to a North American music festival of your choice.

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