Every Time I Die

Interview: Every Time I Die

Vocalist Keith Buckley talks to Leah Beresford about Every Time I Die’s intentions, their new LP, “Game Of Thrones”, and creating “honest music”.

Angel Haze

Interview: Angel Haze

In the midst of moving past her major debut Dirty Gold, the 22-year-old MC talks to Leah Beresford about hit singles, evolving, and being an “artist”.

The Menzingers

Interview: The Menzingers

Guitarist Tom May talks to Leah Beresford about punk fans, Rented World being a new project, and why The Menzingers aren’t underdogs anymore.


Interview: Workaholics

We go one-on-two with Ders and Blake to talk about Season 4, pranks, Chief Keef, and how it’s easy to mistake Prince for an impersonator.


Interview: Architects

Frontman Sam Carter talks to Leah Beresford about living in the studio, the band’s need to be outspoken, and their “no gimmicks, no bullshit” attitude.