End Of 09′ Contest

Leave a comment
& win an End Of 09′ prize pack

With our Top 50 Albums Of 2009 list being released this week
we’ve collaborated with Warner Music Canada
to give away 2 prize packs of their best albums this year

Each prize pack contains:
Billy Talent – Billy Talent III
Muse – The Resistance
Taking Back Sunday – New Again

To enter, just leave a comment with your full name
and let us know which of these three bands you like the most
Those who are also in our Facebook group will receive an automatic entry



  • Chris Bond says:

    All tree are good but i’m gonna have to go with Taking Back Sunday

  • Chris Bond says:

    apparently i can’t spell either

  • Jamie Delange says:

    It’s close but I’m gonna have to go with Billy Talent over Taking Back Sunday, sorry Bond-E!

  • karen difrancesco says:

    the muse wins by far

  • Jasmine Aguonie says:

    Muse is the reason i wake up everymorning!

  • Elena Iosef says:


  • Marie Rupolo says:

    I’d have to say Muse or Taking Back Sunday.

    TBS has an intense nostalgic factor attached to them while Muse is undeniably epic.

    So if Blare were to force me to choose, which it seems the contest rules suggest they are

    I’m going to give this one to Adam Lazara and say Taking Back Sunday.

    Happy Holidays!


  • Justin Hicks says:

    Have to go with Muse, it isn’t even a hard decision I can say I was a little nervous about the new Album coming out. I don’t know why, they never disappoint. Give it up for one of the best live performing ROCK bands there is out there!!!
    And Taking Back Sunday, dam… did they ever help me deal with shit in High School. Love em to!

  • Liz Case says:

    All of the bands are pretty wicked, but Muse by far is the best!

  • Jesse Bilbija says:

    Toughh toss up between TBS and Billy Talent…

    Sorry James, Bond-E had the right idea.

    Taking Back Sunday it is!

  • Alex H says:

    I definitely have to go with Taking Back Sunday. As much as I love Billy Talent, TBS wins. The catchy lyrics and the rock/poppy instrumentals bring me back everytime 🙂

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