BLARE’s 40 Must-Hear Bands At SXSW 2012

If you’re a fan of listening to live music and doing who knows what in a city that makes you choose your own adventures, then there’s a good chance you’re a fan of SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST. After we endured a 46-hour trek from Toronto to Austin via train last Spring, the minute we landed into the home of the Longhorns and the somewhat unauthorized birthplace of independent sound, our hearts sank into our chests, and the neverending roller coaster of new music began. The weekend festival prides itself in main attractions, making SXSW the local town band, but the one you will forever love. Dusting off this year’s eclectic lineup injected with hip hop, garage rock, punk, R&B and electronica, here’s our picks – aside from favs Titus Andronicus, Santigold and Fiona Apple - for artists to tune into.

Click here for dates, parties and a schedule for the entire lineup
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52 comments on “BLARE’s 40 Must-Hear Bands At SXSW 2012

  1. brains on said:


  2. tpcfan on said:

    Reblogged this on leevero.

  3. Mikalee Byerman on said:

    I actually have a friend who is attending SXSW this year … SO jealous!

  4. resellonetsy on said:

    Just awesome! Thanks for suppling this information.

  5. devilsaardvark on said:

    Great post… Public Service Broadcasting at its finest.

  6. Reblogged this on so lately … and commented:
    Big music fan, so I will definitely check out the the bands on this list I have not heard from yet.

  7. goodbyebluemondaylit on said:

    I can’t help but think it’s cruel that I’ll never get to go to SXSW…damn you, Texas

  8. madisoncary on said:

    i can’t make it this year, but thanks for sharing! i’ll have to live vicariously through my friends :)

  9. Stu Bradley on said:

    Word up.

  10. JC Finch on said:

    Very cool.

  11. GenQwerty on said:

    Cool guide. As an Austinite who lives on east 6th i’ll be taking advantage of all the festivities. I’ll make sure I throw one down for all you suckers who can’t make it.

  12. emmahevezi on said:

    please come to london :) i think it would be such an IMMENSE gig :)
    keep creative, keep smiling

  13. The Oasis Projekt on said:

    Liked this! I’m always up for lists like this, I never know when I’m going to find a new listening addition! I’ll be riding through Austin in September (details on my blog), but alas that’s not the right timing. :( . I’m going to be there for my 1st next year hopefully. Thanks for this!

  14. Erin McNaughton on said:

    There are so many good bands attending – I wish I could make it! If you haven’t heard of Galapagos, he’s worth checking out.

  15. splashkidd on said:

    Reblogged this on DJ Splash Kidd's Blog and commented:
    If I recall right this is the 25th Anniversary of SXSW (I didn’t google my facts before this post)! SXSW from what I’ve read and heard is fast becoming one of the top annual music festivals and music conferences in North America. Blare summarizes a nice list of bands performing this March at SXSW that look interesting and worth listening too if your going to the festival! I only which I could of attended this year! Oh well there is always next year! Cheers!

  16. Handsome Lover of Words on said:

    As a Dallas resident I have really failed myself here! Must GO!

  17. Anonymous on said:

    You should add SO MANY WIZARDS – just seen them in the U.K. an they were brilliant! :-)

  18. thewildhearts on said:

    Dream: go to a music festival. I’m dreaming of Coachella but SxSw is stellar too.

  19. midnitechef on said:

    Welcome to Austin my fellow Canucks :P

    I’ve been here for 8 years now and have yet to get my paws on a SXSW pass!!! I have been checking out what’s happening over the next week. And, I was part of the Austin City Guide 2012 for restaurants to check out while you are here for SXSW or any of the other festivals year-round! Check it out:

    btw: was it you who brought all this cold weather from back home???

  20. becauseyouarebreathing on said:

    a house for lions is a band that I think should be on everyones SXSW itinerary. which should be easy to do since they are playing a show a day.

  21. bernadettemich on said:

    Downtown Austin is an amazing place to be around SXSW, I love it down there. I have never had my hands on a pass but I do enjoy going down there, walking around, taking in the atmosphere, and going to all the free shows. If you have ever thought about going to SXSW or just to Austin in general I highly encourage you to :]

  22. PopRhythmBlog on said:

    Awesome, looking forward to this!

  23. byakuyaobi on said:

    omg! dis is so cool !!!…i wish i could be there !….

  24. jstuyt on said:

    I love your title picture (…the one at the top of the page right now). Who is it, and where/when was it taken?

  25. Anonymous on said:

    hayatının hatasını yapmaktan vazgemek istemiyormusun

  26. Such a great selection of bands; starting on 2:54, ending with Zola Jesus, you can’t get much better than that!

  27. Reblogged this on sky's stalker! and commented:

  28. Hope they come to Norway :)

  29. lovemakers on said:

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  30. mjharvell on said:

    Sounds like an expereince!

  31. joshtakespictures on said:

    My label mates at esto records are playing a few places this year, if you run into Earth House. If anyone sees them can you tell them Josh says hi.

  32. sarah robinson on said:

    i have always wanted to go. crossing my fingers for next year

  33. nflste on said:

    One day I’ll be able to afford to come over for this.

  34. Dan Del Ferraro on said:

    First off, love the format of your blog. Really clean and crisp. Secondly, nice list. My wife’s there now, but I’m here with the doggy. :) Sure she’ll enjoy it. :)

  35. rachelthefeminist on said:

    train trip to sxsw from toronto, very cool! great list, thanks!

  36. Cardinal Playlists on said:

    I do interviews, too, and tons of my contacts are playing SXSW.
    Sadly, I can’t go because I’ll be vacationing out of the country.

  37. Evan Fuller on said:

    All this trouble to put together a great list (it really is terrific) and you forgot River City Extension.

  38. Fleur Des Elle by Talor Aimee on said:

    siiiiiccccckkkk. love your pics! maybe our paths will cross at the festival hah

  39. londongigger on said:

    If I’m ever in Texas, I’ll check it out.

  40. deeproets on said:

    Allen Stone!! Worth checking out.

  41. dweebcentric on said:

    there appears to be a mistake. john mayer is on this list?!

  42. omolayo on said:

    Reblogged this on omolayo and commented:
    How coincidental, this was on the word press homepage.

  43. apartments in bangalore on said:

    I wish to be always go there….

  44. calmyourbeans on said:

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  45. thewhiskeyholler on said:

    someday we’ll make it

  46. jwhitmanmusic on said:

    One of these days, I need to make an effort to go to this event.

  47. rush49 on said:

    so jealous of our friends from hipswap going!

  48. jesco b. ignatius on said:

    the festival is not what it used to be…says the old man

  49. Hallie Madenski on said:

    John Mayer and The Used but no Nico Vega or Girl In A Coma? Moderate tsk tsk.

  50. viceversathings on said:

    I wish to go there

  51. local skip hire on said:

    I love live music it can make you feel so alive. I love almost any live music even if I wouldn’t like it as an album!

  52. columbo1es on said:

    A MUST SEE/HEAR is my Friend Garland Jeffreys.

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