Download Action Bronson & Party Supplies’ Blue Chips 2 Mixtape

Action Bronson - Blue Chips 2Bam Bam is back y’all. As the follow-up to the infamous 2012 release¬†Blue Chips, ACTION BRONSON and PARTY SUPPLIES have delivered on their promise of dropping Blue Chips 2 on the first day that it rains in November. We’re not sure how they shot-called the exact date – whether it was voodoo magic or plain Rick Pitino intuition – but they did and they’ve unleashed a mixtape that’s stuffed with guests such as Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Meyhem Lauren, and Big Body Bes. It’s out now on Vice Records/Atlantic and the whole thing can be downloaded via

In case your life has been lacking some Bronsolini, check out his legendary live set of “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”

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