Going Live: Single Mothers, Dead Tired

Single Mothers-1Though it really is flying under the radar, Toronto’s music scene is going through a little bit of transformation. One major venue is about to say au revoir while a couple smaller locales have gone clubbin’ and it’s left the door wide open for new spots to intervene. One of those being BATL Grounds. It’s unlikely Backyard Axe Throwing League will become a mainstay for DIY/BYOB shenanigans but it proved its mettle as SINGLE MOTHERS, TRUCKFIGHTERS, and George Pettit’s DEAD TIRED pulled off an impromptu set last Thursday (June 12th). No axes were harmed at the Cherry Street digs (only eardrums and music-deprived minds) and we’re pretty excited to take a trip back – even if it’s to hurl a hatchet like a highly-skilled wildling. Take a peek at Riley Taylor’s photo sets below and join the club.








Dead Tired-1

Dead Tired-2

Dead Tired-3

Dead Tired-4

Dead Tired-5

Dead Tired-6

Dead Tired-7


Single Mothers-2

Single Mothers-3

Single Mothers-4

Single Mothers-5

Single Mothers-6

Single Mothers-7

Single Mothers-8

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