Franz Ferdinand – “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand”

Franz Ferdinand - Tonight

Star Rating 3.5

Instead of feeding loyal followers with raw guitar riffs, Franz Ferdinand has shaken things up by flirtatiously lighting a posh cigar that is their latest record.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand defines the word “unexpected”. Long gone is the post-punk influence as the Scotland rockers have embraced disco and transformed it into a sexual being often pursued by modern day Casanovas. Produced by Dan Carey (Hot Chip, CSS), Tonight could easily be classified as the quartet’s boldest and grooviest release to date.

From the brave and sophisticated swagger on “What She Came For”, to the funky and soulful crooning on the single “Ulysses”, Franz Ferdinand has given hipsters a new reason to strut. The titillating guitar squeals and quirky synth lines drive the album into a setting that’s fit for promiscuous swingers, not shy wallflowers.

Such a purpose explains singer Alex Kapranos’ romantic, yet risque vocal declarations. Despite being backed by an antique disco rhythm, Kapranos is the reason for the 42 minutes of lyrical lust. When the vocalist isn’t pleading on numbers like “Lucid Dreams”, he’s stirring up an arousing concoction he intends to share with a mysterious lady of the night. On the track “No You Girls”, Kapranos states what most nightlife flirters are thinking and feeling: “Lick your cigarette and kiss me/Kiss me where your eye won’t meet me.”

Focusing on the exhilarating adventures of the night have worked in Franz Ferdinand’s favor. Ambitious and provocative, Tonight highlights the ups and lows of one’s spontaneous evening and shows that once the party’s over, all you can do is wait until another one presents itself.

Download: “No You Girls”, “What She Came For”

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