The Magic In Music Photography

The picture…will reveal a truth of fact, of feeling, of experience, of aesthetic power, of form, of life itself – and this not only to you but also to one or all who look at it. The picture may even tell different things to different people – but it will tell. – Tim Gidal

Many a time in life we pass by and listen to friend and stranger alike, sculpting beauty in the airwaves. Many a time in life, we hear their creation, and see a mere simplistic tune.

Allow me to communicate with you the truth.

The power and magic behind music is never reserved only for the “successful”. The ability to create emotional, powerful music is reserved for anyone with a mind to captivate and speak with music from the heart.

The following pictures show the magic behind music photography, where emotions can be revealed with the help of an ordinary individual, a lens, a flash and an instrument.

Magic Photography1

Magic Photography2

Magic Photography3

Magic Photography4

Magic Photography5All Photo Cred: Jeff Parsons

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