Two Tongues – “Two Tongues”

Two Tongues - Self Titled

Star Rating 3

The idea of a supergroup is both potent and legendary. As a side-project, their lives in the music industry are fairly short and their sound can either be warming or brutally terrible. Which leads to the question: what happens when you combine two obscure and influential frontmen?

The answer is Two Tongues.

Headlined by vocalists Max Bemis (Say Anything) and Chris Conley (Saves The Day), Two Tongues is a lyrical monster. Like the past records of both artists, the self-titled debut is flooded with musical imagery and intriguing compositions. However, the vocals don’t hold their place on the stage the group built themselves.

Adding Bemis’ raw power and Conley’s unique vocal style seems like a bewitching collaboration, but it’s not the case for Two Tongues. The 13 tracks on the record aren’t exactly unique as they sound more like a collection of Say Anything b-sides than anything else. The vocal relay can at times be frustrating to the ear, but it’s a technique the band has somewhat mastered. An example of such art is the song “Tremors”. Led by Bemis’ vocal pleading and raw emotion, the track sidesteps to Conley, who instantly swoons the listener with his descriptive perspective.

Such chemistry makes it an overstatement to say Two Tongues is a disappointment. The appealing nature of the two frontmen’s musicianship may only be apparent in one tune, but they excel as a group. Listeners have to note Two Tongues aren’t Say Anything or Saves The Day. Instead, the group is a separate musical entity working on finding their voice and binding fans to them along the way.

Download: “Tremors”


  • Ty Hanninen says:

    I had no idea this existed, thank you. I will check thosemuthafuckas out.

  • Spense says:

    Nice review, I agree with you on that. Sometimes vocally, the songs can be hard on the ears, but with that said, I thought it was a well made album. Thanks for your review.

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