13 Questions With…Lights

While playing shows all over Canada and the U.S. and gearing up for Warped Tour 2009, singer Valerie Poxleitner (aka. Lights) took the time to sit down and answer her 13 questions.


Why the name Lights?

It’s a simplified form of my last name!

What do you love most about Timmins?

I only spent enough time there to be born and we relocated shortly after. But as I recall, Timmins has really nice people!

Who was your favourite band/musician growing up?

As a kid I loved this band called DC Talk. But one of the long standing bands was Supertramp.

What did your parents listen to?

My dad is all over Springsteen, the Beatles, ELO, Supertramp, and Mellencamp. My mom likes me and Sting!

What was the first song you wrote?

It was called “Lead Me” and it was written with my first three chords and a lyrics from a Psalm in the bible.

What was your first reaction to hearing your song in the 2008 Old Navy commercials?

You know what, I haven’t seen them yet! I saw them online, but never actually on TV. I didn’t have a television at that time when it came out and when I was in hotels I was afraid to turn the TV on because something in me didn’t want to see it! I try to keep my head away from any hype, it’s something that can be gone in an instant.

How was touring with Copeland and Lydia?

Such an honor! I am a big fan of Copeland. All the bands on the tour were so talented and really inspired me to want to step up my game with my performances.

What famous songstress would you compare yourself to?

I hope to someday rock like Cyndi Lauper, mystify like Bjork, and pen like Joni Mitchell.

Why are you such a big fan of Phil Collins?

Four words: In. The. Air. Tonight. He has a fantastic melodic ability, great voice, dynamic production that brings that much more to the music, and his signature reverby-power drums! Deadly combination!

Name one band/musician you think people NEED to know about

Owl City.

What artist, male and female, do you wish you could collaborate with?

Kanye West and Bjork.

If you could only keep one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Underoath – They’re Only Chasing Safety

Define LIGHTS using one word



  • Anonymous says:

    she’s hot

  • Anonymous says:

    Owl City was my favorite band, then one of my friends showed me your song, ‘Pretend’ and immidietly it was my favorite song. Also, I can’t stop singing savior, pretend, and ice.


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