Album Reviews – 09/03/09

Chris Cornell - Scream

Chris Cornell / Scream / Universal


Limp Bizkit did it, but that was almost a decade ago. Combining club-crawling hip-hop beats and aggressive rock vocals has never been a great idea, and with the release of Chris Cornell’s Scream, it still isn’t. Produced by Timbaland and rotting with an unusual sound, the latest release will create nightmares for fans of the legendary rocker. Cornell’s howl still sounds genuine at the age of 44, but it doesn’t compliment the lyrics and musical focus of the album. With the former Soundgarden rocker pleading over girls in trendy clubs (“I wanna cry, the way that she moves”), it may be time for all of us to pitch in our two cents to help send both the artist and his producer on a well-deserved vacation.


Marianas Trench - Masterpiece Theatre

Marianas Trench / Masterpiece Theatre / Universal

Star Rating 3.5

Fresh ofF the success of the single “Say Anything”, the Vancouver quartet have exploded back into the Canadian music scene with a sophomore attempt worthy of more than just one listen. Full of maturity and truthful lyrical poetry, Masterpiece Theatre is the band’s best work to date. A handful of pop rock-filled tracks transform the album into a genre-switching rollercoaster, but the ones that stand out shine under the spotlight. Ballads like “Love Dearest” and “Good To You” explore singer Josh Ramsay’s vocal strengths and show how personal influences can pierce and invigorate music. Being emotional has steered Marianas Trench along the right road, a path which seems to be paved with talent that distinguishes them from your stereotypical pop punk band.

Download: “Love Dearest”, “All To Myself”, “Good To You”

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