For Your Ears Only: Inward Eye

Inward EyePhoto Cred: Snob’s Music

WHO: Dave, Kyle and Anders Erickson

ORIGIN: Winnipeg, Manitoba


LATEST RELEASE: Inward Eye EP (2009)

WHO CARES?: Roger Daltrey seems to as the Winnipeg rockers were given the opportunity to open for The Who. The three-piece band are big fans of nostalgic groups like The Clash and The Kinks and with a little more attention, they could become that famous one day (their EP is like $5 at HMV, definitely worth grabbing!).

SOUNDS LIKE: The love child of new-age rock and old 70s’ hard rock; a riff-filled rock-n-roll donut music lovers have been dying to take a bite of.

LISTEN TO: “Shame”, “You Know I Know”



Check out their new & awesome video for the song “Shame”

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