Album Reviews – 25/5/09

Beach Boys - Summer Love Songs

Beach Boys / Summer Love Songs / Capitol


Numerous acts have tried to compose songs that define summer and the joy the season brings, but none have come close to what The Beach Boys have done. With the summer of 2009 almost here, Capitol has released this year’s possible winner for compilation of the year. Summer Love Songs may seem like just another collection of great Beach Boys’ singles, but that’s not the case. Tracks like “Don’t Worry Baby”, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and “California Girls” echo sunshine, white sandy beaches and refreshing surfer-tested waves. Instead of being left in the cobwebs of your old CD collections, Summer Love Songs should be enjoyed with your car windows down, the wind teasing your hair and the sun smiling right back at you.

Download: “Help Me, Rhonda”, “California Girls”, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”


Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule 20th Anniversary

Lenny Kravitz / Let Love Rule (20th Anniversay Deluxe Edition) / Virgin

Star Rating 3

Not many people know how Lenny Kravitz started off his illustrious career, which is why the 20th anniversary reissue of Let Love Rule is a must-listen. The tantalizing rock riffs and powerful anthems we’re used to aren’t apparent, but that’s because Kravitz is more creative and artistic on his debut album. Raw and colourful, Let Love Rule is full of bass lines born with funk and vocals injected with the term “groovy”. The 20th anniversary edition is packed with extras including a live CD and unreleased recordings, enough to keep anyone listening. However, a second listen may not be provoked as despite the release’s incredible attributes, it’s a reissue young listeners aren’t bound to dig that much.

Download: “Cold Turkey”, “Empty Hands”


Busta Rhymes - Back On My B.S.

Busta Rhymes / Back On My B.S. / Universal

Star Rating 3

Although it’s full of famous names (Lil’ Wayne, Pharrell, Akon, Estelle and much more), Back On My B.S. appears to be an album worthy of star-studded reviews, but that may not be the case. Busta Rhymes is surely backed by unique bass-thumping beats, but he just doesn’t seem to spit the poisonous rhymes he used to lash out. Instead of running with his nostalgic self, Busta Rhymes has fallen into the well of T-Pain-esque choruses, which we all know is a bad thing these days.

Download: “Respect My Conglomerate”, “Kill Dem”

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