For Your Ears Only: Whale Tooth

Whale Tooth

WHO: Elise LeGrow, Norm Maschke, Alex Denike, Michael McCreary and Sep Noroozi

ORIGIN: Toronto, Ontario

GENRE: Indie Pop Rock

LATEST RELEASE: Self-Titled EP (2009)

WHO CARES?: The city of Toronto and not to mention anyone who likes music. Blog TO wrote an interesting piece on the band back in February where they pointed out the quintet will make you dance and enjoy your favourite pint. But at the same time? Well that’s entirely up to you.

SOUNDS LIKE: Infectious indie rock mermaids and whales would dance and party to.

LISTEN TO: “Hibernation Song”, “Marlboro Beach Bonanza”



Check out this live video of the groovy track “Coastline”

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