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The Higher

We all dive headfirst into our sexual self every once in a while. Sometimes it’s based off our own initiative while other times it’s because we just can’t help it. With the release of It’s Only Natural, the passionate feelings that surround the word “love” seem to be swirling inside the minds of The Higher. Instead of displaying the sound that amplified their past, the Las Vegas quartet took an emotionally stronger route to create a record that’s unique in their catalog

Here’s The Higher’s list of…


10 Albums Made For Baby Makin’


Rolling Stones - Some Girls

The Rolling Stones – Some Girls

This record just has a great groove to it. From the opening track “Miss You”, there’s no denying this is the sexiest record The Rolling Stones ever made.


The-Dream - Love v.s. Money

The-Dream – Love v.s. Money

The-Dream is single-handedly making R&B relevant again. He continues to push the boundaries in the genre and this record proves it.


R Kelly - 12 Play

R. Kelly – 12 Play

If you haven’t gotten down to some “Bump and Grind”, you haven’t fully experienced the genius that is R. Kelly.


Sade - Best Of Sade

Sade – Best Of Sade

Sade’s sultry voice is just irresistible, after all, some of us have the words “Smooth Operator” tattooed on us.


Lloyd - Lessons In Love

Lloyd – Lessons In Love

When we were making our latest record “It’s Only Natural”, this record was constantly being played in my car. It really holds a special place in Doug’s heart.


J. Holiday - Back Of My Lac

J. Holliday – Back Of My Lac

If Marvin Gaye and R. Kelly had a soul child, he’d be J. Holiday. “Face” (Jason Centeno) is convinced of this.


Tank - Sex, Love & Pain

Tank – Sex, Love & Pain

Mostly known for his songwriting, Tank came out with one of the best R&B records in the past decade. His range is absurd, and his runs are even better.


Damien Rice - O

Damien Rice – O

The letter that overcomes every woman when you make love to this album.


Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On

This is a gimme. If you haven’t listened to this record, you’ve truly been missing out on something special.


John Mayer - Continuum

John Mayer – Continuum

Don’t let “Waiting on the World to Change” fool you; this record has the perfect grooves to make any intimate moment memorable.

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