SOUNDCHECK: Alice, The Pop Punk Groupie

When director Tim Burton’s creatively disturbing yet delightful mind is twisted with a classic masterpiece such as the film Alice In Wonderland, one can only be intrigued. But announcing artists such as Avril Lavigne and Metro Station will be making an appearance on the movie’s soundtrack will only provoke one to ask their favourite short-form question:


Along with the Alice In Wonderland Original Motion Picture Soundtrack that will include the film’s score, a second record titled Almost Alice will also be released on March 2nd. As a warning, the collection of artists featured on the album may scare children, strangle kittens and make sexy costumes based off the character Alice look pure and innocent.

The tracklisting can be found here.

For a soundtrack released through Fueled By Ramen Records that’s suppose to tie in with a remake of a book/film that was a brilliant work of art, these artists stand out in a negative way. Alice isn’t a Warped Tour groupie and she doesn’t sway her bangs out of her face every five seconds, so it’s unusual to see the soundtrack feature All Time Low, Metro Station, Plain White T’s, The All-American Rejects and Owl City. What’s even worse is the mastermind behind this decided to add a bit 3OH!3 into the mix.

These artists may be successful and talented in their own right, but the combination of high-pitched-screaming-girls and a Disney classic isn’t right. Other recent soundtracks with similar artists for films like Jennifer’s Body and dare I say it, the Twilight series, suit their flick’s audience, but not in this case.

There are a few exceptions such as the unique collaboration between Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and acts like Wolfmother and Franz Ferdinand because they raise eyebrows, but Family Force 5? Seriously? The work of Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp doesn’t breathe tight jeans borrowed from someone’s sister and catchy hooks about gorgeous girls. Instead it’s suppose to leak abstract material from a cluster of unordinary musicians such as Muse and Modest Mouse and perhaps even Animal Collective and Radiohead.

Since the pairing is nothing close to being visually and creatively beautiful, Almost Alice could be compared to a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers episode featuring music by Bob Dylan. There are things in this world that don’t belong together and this soundtrack questions where the music and entertainment industry is headed. The sad part is, copies of Almost Alice will be sold and a handful of bands will be able to afford more hair spray and eye shadow.

But what’s even worse is creations like the one below are about to tarnish an unforgettable piece of nostalgia that most of us cherished as kids.


  • Anonymous says:

    First of all, Tim Burton’s hasn’t even been released yet, so I wouldn’t go so far to call it a brilliant work of art. That’s just ridiculous. Wait until the movie comes out before you’re making comparisons.

    Secondly, the Alice in Wonderland story is by no means a Disney story. It was written by Lewis Caroll and in fact, Disney bastardized his story in a lot of ways. (Disney is also behind Burton’s upcoming adaptation, as well)

    Thirdly, it really isn’t much of a surprise that they’re releasing shit music for this movie’s soundtrack. Tim Burton is the go-to-guy for mallrats, emo kids, and goths. It’s just the way it is. Everything about this film is going to be catered to that demographic. It’s a Disney film dressed up to be a bit darker with the traditional Burton style, but it’s aiming for emo kids, and they’ll eat it up.

    The best thing everyone can do rather than write articles about these terrible bands is to just ignore them. For the love of god, ignore them and hopefully it will all go away.

  • Samantha L. says:

    let’s just be thankful none of these songs will be in the movie. but i agree, too much pop aimed at Hot Topic girls.

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