Going Live: Oh No Forest Fires

© Jeff Parsons

Who: Oh No Forest Fires
The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto
January 23 2010

Break ups are never good. They tell happiness to take a back seat and terrorize individuals from the inside out. But for Oh No Forest Fires, theirs was a more joyous occasion. A few weeks ago, the Toronto group announced they would be calling it a career because of the conclusion that bands are sometimes like intimate relationships. Despite the sappiness, the band did the right thing and stated that they would be playing one last time.

With an enthusiastic crowd and a lineup that included a few other local acts, Oh No Forest Fires made their funeral a celebration, one fans indulged in from start to finish. Like life, music has a beginning and an end.

So here’s to Oh No Forest Fires.

Make sure to visit the band’s MySpace page and take a listen.

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