For Your Ears Only: Sadie May Crash

Call them different or call them creative, Sadie May Crash is a unique group from Toronto that takes alternative pop and drenches it with meaningful lyrics. As singer Paige Boy told us, it’s about being yourself, even if it means emitting a sound that’s odd, colourful and has multiple personalities.

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How did you come up with the name Sadie May Crash?

Actually, we are on the verge of a name change that we will be surprising our listeners with.
If Sadie May Crash was a physical being, what would it be and what type of personality would it have?

A shiny beast with sharp crow eyes and silvered feathers who is schizophrenic, salty and good humored too.
When did you first get involved in music?

After I wrote my first song. It came out in the best way, just fell right out of me. After, it was this creation, a purging feeling that I began to crave.
How did the band first come about?

We all played in different bands four or five years ago. Back then, over a couple weeks we got together to play and write songs and realized that there was such a strange and unique chemistry in the room. It excited all of us enough to stick together and see what would happen.

What artists influence you the most?

Patti Smith, Bob Dylan and Captain Beefheart. For their voices, their poetry and their minds.
David Bowie or The Beach Boys?

Bowie. “Rock n’ Roll Suicide” and “Cracked Actor”, these are a few of my favorite things
How would you describe your music?

It’s colorful, it’s odd and has multiple personalities. I think of a traveling gypsy cabaret passing through the desert. We’re kind of singing songs of warning and retelling silent film stories in our own way. We’re not singing empty songs about nothing, there’s always something to say. Our music is like a full meal, rather than a bag of potato chips.

What do you do to help consistently maintain a high, and hopefully contagious, level of energy?

I tell myself there is nowhere on this earth I would rather be than right here, now, playing music. “Be Here Now” is my mantra, there is always energy to draw from no matter how many restless nights.
How has recording been for you guys? When can we expect the release and are they any other details about it you’re willing to share with your fans?

Well we’re excited to release the EP in the Spring and then start touring! I will share that we’ve teamed up with a whole collective of independent artists to create videos for each song on the record. Experimenting with various video mediums, from claymation to rotoscoping
What’s one unique thing you bring to the table that other bands don’t?

The colour in the band comes from each member’s unique set of influences. We want to sound like ourselves and no one else. It’s too easy to contribute to the oversaturation of new bands that sound identical. We’d rather not, what’s the point?
What’s been your favourite show that you’ve played and why?

I loved our Lee’s Palace show. The vibe was great, with lots of new curious faces. Someone ran on stage before we started to snag a picture with the shiny white female mannequins we had with us.

What’s missing from the Canadian music scene and what does it need less of?

Honestly, it boils down to people in the industry talking the talk, and then actually walking the walk.
Favourite place in Toronto to hang out at?

A condemned house with a lingering demolition date we’re not certain of. It has red light rooms, black light rooms, a green and pink leopard stairway and a mural created by our friends and other Toronto bands. Hanging there is a sense of home I’ve never known. Plus the looming demolition date makes our time there precious.
What does music mean to you?

Getting something out you just have to get rid of. An addiction. Words of a poet turned into a pop star. Dancing to Jackie Wilson with my kid sister.


[What do you think of Sadie May Crash?]



  • Ashley says:

    they’re sooo good live!

  • Brock says:

    Yeah they are! I was at that show! xoxoxoxo
    Can’t wait for the album 🙂

  • hailey says:

    I defend that I am no ‘kid’ sister, but sister none the less. “Sadie May Crash” – I say in quotations due to the upcoming name change, is a spectacular band full of energy and inspiration. Great live, and on record. They get me dancing when I’m at a show, and dancing when I’m at home, alone – of course. Music I sing along too.. perhaps too much, but every feeling you gain from their music is deliberate, and intentional. And I like it that way. It’s intense, awesome music that lingers in your mind after listening to it, just as you’d want good music to do. Can’t stop talking about the great chemistry and logic that’s behind this band and their music.

    Word, Sadie May Crash… Word!

  • rob says:

    they stink
    they sound dated and Page’s voice is extremely a lesser Gwen Stefani
    also Page comes off being extremely pompous label the wave of new bands that all sound the same

  • karoline says:

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. You can learn a lot from the movie Bambi, but some people are just completely unable to learn the simplest lessons in life.
    And spell the girl’s name right if you’re going to insult her fabulous bone shaking voice. Unlike Gwen Stephani (who’s dropped off the face of this planet) Paige has what musicians call impeccable pitch. It runs in her blood.
    If bands all sound the same to you, you need to find some variety in your life douche bag.

    love karo

  • rob says:

    perhaps you should read the article again and then review my comments.
    Paige describe most bands as all sounding the same. Perhaps you should share your life lesson with her. The one about “the lack of nice things to say.”
    Also if someone describes socialization through Disney movies as a good things i sincerely doubt the integrity of there comments.

  • karoline says:

    Integrity, HA!

  • rob says:

    oops..their 🙂

  • Ken says:

    Considering the question was, “What’s one unique thing you bring to the table that other bands don’t?” Paige is being honest about the scene out there. Yes there is unique music and bands, but there are tons of “pop” bands following trends, who conform to a boring and tame stereotype.

    And dated? When’s the last time you even saw Sadie May Crash? What does your comment even mean? It’s easy to drop words and try to sum up a band in one word and put them in a box. That’s what the worst music fans do; the ones who enjoy redundancy.

    Annnyway…. great show guys, can’t wait for the record. 😉

  • Bobby says:

    Saw the show, Sadie May Crash, The Mission District and Platinum Blonde ALL rocked!

  • kool thang says:

    der will always b haters out der. wut i dun get is y “paige boy” lookz really creepy

    & da band needz a rep man. some1 who can channel them 2 media better

  • blender says:

    Easy there “kool thang”…eassssyy, don’t want you to get hurt while spewing all that jive.
    Sadie May Crash is definitely the best band in Toronto. But that’s just it, they’re at the top and now they’ve got to move on to better places! Forget the Canadian music industry, it’s dead man.
    Can’t wait to see where you guys will be in the future!

  • Not So Cool Thang! says:

    Hay thur, sum ting tell me dat “Kool Thong” is a bit of a poser, that seems like the most forced block of text ever typed. And besides the fact, maybe you should be more concerned with your grammar than a bands business.

  • Jesse's Girl says:

    Great show! Wondering what the new name will be….

  • Scarlett says:

    I wuv dem sexy girls and boys.

  • Kavi says:

    Interesting article.

    I know the band, and I think they’re talented, but I have to agree and say that the band needs a better media rep. Someone who can properly manage their coverage without making one or the whole band talk more than walk.

    Hopefully the name change will give a fresh perspective on focus.

  • Long time Fan says:

    Hey Guys, and ladies, great comments all are good comments, there was lots of good exchange and even from the negative S.M.C. will get something out of it. The representation to the media is dead on and in many cases bands have made it because of that reason.

    Music in Canada , actually north america is fallen behind and has gone one main way and it is hard to bring it back to what it should be……………good music!!!!!!

    My comment would be to fly to europe and make it there, lots more opportunity in europe then Toronto….. after all said and done, who cares where the success comes from as long as it is success!!!!!!!!

    But, the truth is that they are GOOD and even so called professional bands with million dollar sound systems and fillers, don’t sound as good live as Saide does…..

    More power to you S.M.C. !!!!!

  • Frank says:

    Sadie has a completely original sound. Their live show inspires not the names of genres, it connects with me much faster. I hear in their music a glow similar to the Beatles, who could tell me what I was feeling and I agreed with them. It’s like listening to your own heartbeat, with a head full of acid, skipping rocks into a placid sea towards the setting sun, the water like white hot broken glass…where’s Love?

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