For Your Ears Only: Gentlemen Husbands

Swamped by a hectic schedule, Gentlemen Husbands pulled out all the stops to battle the craziness that is Canadian Music Week. But as guitarist Ryan Hutcheson told us, the fast-paced lifestyle helps make them what they are.

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How did you come up with the name Gentlemen Husbands?

It was actually the punch line to a joke. Funny part is, no one can remember the joke!
If Gentlemen Husbands was a physical being, what would it be and what type of personality would it have?

I’d like to think we’d be Hercules! If Zeus was like the king and ruler of all things rock n’ roll and we could be like the younger , less wise but muscular version!
When did you first get involved in music?

I personally started playing guitar when I was nine, started playing in bands when I was 14 and started teaching when I was 16. So music has been a pretty major part of my life ever since I was a little kid.
How did the band first come about?

Once we were all out of high school, we kind of grew out of playing heavy music, not because we didn’t enjoy it anymore but because we’d been doing it for the past four to five years and needed something different. Our good friend Derrick was doing his own solo folk stuff so we asked him if he wanted to start a band with us and the rest is history.
Which artists influence you the most?

Right now, probably Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen.

Led Zeppelin or The Tragically Hip?

The Hip, no contest!
How would you describe your music?

Good ol’ fashion rock n’ roll that’s not the cheesy classic rock revival stuff.
You guys have played a variety of venues throughout your past. Do you prefer to play gigs in small congested spaces or in fairly big locations?

We like them both for different reasons. Playing the big venues and festivals is great and something we’ve been very fortunate to do, but small, sweaty club shows can be absolutely amazing, if not better.
What’s one unique thing you bring to the table that other bands don’t?

I’m not really sure. We just try to be the best at what we do and hope everything else will follow.

Everyone from critics to fans seem to enjoy your live performances. Do you guys have any rituals you do before hitting the stage and entertaining crowds?

Well we actually do have one. Before we start every set we kind of all huddle around our drummer and whisper words of encouragement or more specifically say “f*ck you” to one and other and then tell Dan to get things rolling with the drums!
What’s been your favourite show that you’ve played and why?

It was crazy to support artists such as Lucero and Ron Sexsmith and also amazing to play all the festivals we did last summer. Its always great to have people dancing and singing at any headline show we play too!
What’s missing from the Canadian music scene and what does it need less of?

More rock, less indie. Not that I have a problem with it, there’s just an abundance of it.
Favourite place in Toronto to hang out at?

Probably Kensington Market and all the great venues on Queen Street.
What does music mean to you?

Absolutely everything!

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