SOUNDCHECK: Critics Go Gaga Over New Video

The “Telephone” clip is a big-budget, pop masterwork from an artist clearly familiar with the discipline.SPIN
“Telephone” has by all accounts completely revolutionized media, culture and media-culture to a degree that puts her on par with the likes of Alexander Graham Bell and Andy Warhol.The Guardian
If Quentin Tarantino and Russ Meyer remade Thelma & Louise as an orgy of product placement with fiercely choreographed interludes, this would be the result.
Rolling Stone
She’s been negatively criticized more than a fast food restaurant for messing up an order, yet this time it seems Lady Gaga is being hugged and blown kisses for her music video for the track “Telephone”. Clocking in at almost ten minutes, the clip does everything people wouldn’t do: put a lesbian prison cell on display, showcase a mass murder and even verify what type of genitalia the star has. Instead of lambasting the pop star with a wicked tongue full of negativity, major publications are praising Lady Gaga for her creativity and even comparing her to Alexander Graham Bell.

Britney Spears is probably shaving her head again in outrage.

Since Gaga is known to be controversial and eccentric, “Telephone” isn’t a surprise. Is it a cultural masterpiece? Let’s not judge so quickly. Does it defy boundaries and inject an addicting sensation into the world of pop? Yes it does. If it wasn’t for Gaga, the music industry would be drowning in the success of Disney musicians and their screaming tween fans. Pop music is controversial and a music video like this one has already provided a jolt as it’s even convinced networks such as MTV to concentrate on airing the video instead of cramming television shows like Jersey Shore down our throats.

In response to some of the outrage displayed by a few publications, Gaga states her video is “groundbreaking because it has one foot in the art community and one foot in the commercial world”. What she doesn’t clearly state is that the unusual and the undeniably sexy sells. That’s the number one reason why videos like the two for OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass” aren’t being displayed in the same blinding spotlight.

Check out the link below for Lady Gaga’s latest video.

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce – “Telephone”


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