Going Live: Red Sparowes

© Jeff Parsons

Who: Red Sparowes
Where: The Garrison, Toronto
When: April 17 2010

What do you do when you don’t have a lead vocalist? You give birth to expressive sounds and melodies that can captivate (or traumatize). The Los Angeles progressive post-rock band made a pit stop in Toronto, playing in front of a curious crowd at The Garrison. Though their sound is far from mainstream, the quintet struck a chord with the audience with muted alternative rock journeys built with precision and a taste for headbanging.


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  • Jostin says:

    To my opinion.. red sparowes is creative to the point that I haven’t heard anything like them. Such harmony between each instrument is present and flows perfectly. No time soon will I get tired of their music. It’s practically an orgasm to my ears!!!

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