Album Reviews – 10/5/10

The Dead Weather / Sea Of Cowards / Warner

If the swamp monster played music it would sound like The Dead Weather. A tad less delirious, Sea Of Cowards combines the group’s sinister attitude with dreary funk and sex appeal. Though Jack White’s presence on “Blue Blood Blues” and “Die By The Drop” is addicting, it’s the dim spotlight on vocalist Alison Mosshart that’s bewitching. She gets provocative, strange and enchanting and like the number “No Horse” states, the band is her sickening monster dripping with blues, naked rock n’ roll and a twisted soul that only knows how to dance. Don’t call it new age grunge, call it The Dead Weather.

Download: “No Horse”, “Hustle And Cuss”


The Morning Of / The Way I Fell In / Tragic Hero

Do you remember those pop punk bands scene kids kept close to their heart? The Way I Fell In is a trip back into a time where unforgettable hooks and innocent lyrics ruled the lands of pop rock. Propelled by the craft of Jim Wirt (Jack’s Mannequin, The Rocket Summer), the second studio record from The Morning Of shows the group at their best. The impeccable battle between vocalists Justin Wiley and Jessica Leplon is divine and the abundance of appealing lyrics makes you wonder why similar bands chose crunk beats over genuine wails. As a whole, The Way I Fell In can seem rushed, but it may be due to the overwhelming amounts of honesty punched into each track.

Download: “The Ones That Fall Apart”, “The Time It Takes To Grow”


Holy Fuck / Latin / Young Turks

When you do as Holy Fuck did (which was hibernate in a barn and record), people expect great things. Did they anticipate a cheerful, brainwashy album like Latin? The answer is probably not as the Toronto instrumental trio keep the trip, but get less spacey. Numbers like “Silva & Grimes” mixes dusty Nintendo effects with fortified drumming bits to create a dreamy backbone for the record. It’s not astounding, but the latest effort from Holy Fuck is the soundtrack for an adolescent who loses his shoes after a warehouse rave and finds himself wandering the streets of suburbia.

Download: “Stay Lit”, “Red Light”

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