REVIEW: Jenny and Johnny – “I’m Having Fun Now”

Jenny and Johnny / I’m Having Fun Now / Warner

Ignore the shes and hims, Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice are a couple cut from the cloth of rock n’ roll. The Rilo Kiley voice and indie songcrafter tuned their inevitable talents and raised I’m Having Fun Now, a decadent record submerged in 60s’ sunshine rock. The addictive boy-girl harmonies strike comparisons while the garage twang and retro haze spark an identity defined by their relationship.

“Animal” and the humble folk memoir “Switchblade” damper the mood but don’t extinguish the flame in the two lovebirds or the clutter of amusing indie joy. Rice professes: “She’s an artist, painting a portrait all over my heart”, whereas Lewis sways in declaring in unison: “A scissor runner stole my heart”. True love bound by melody? Yes, and it hits the ear like a big wave.

Download: “Just Like Zeus”, “Scissor Runner”

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