REVIEW: Klaxons – “Surfing The Void”

Klaxons / Surfing The Void / Polydor

It’s been three years since London’s Klaxons have graced our presence with an offering. Aside from apparently sending cats into the depths of outer space, they’ve finally put together another release. But does it purr? Sophomore albums are very tricky to pull off and by taking ample time in recording and building mountains of anticipation, Klaxons deliver. Surfing The Void lacks the quick, balls-to-the-wall approach, being toned down to show an atmospheric side, with soft verses typically leading into sing-along choruses that are far more timid than what we’ve become used to from the group.

Although the content satisfies, Surfing The Void is noticeably lacking a standout track you could easily locate on 2007’s Myths Of The Near Future. This alone might prove to be too much of a stark contrast for some of the more casual Klaxons fans, but those willing to stand by their side for a third album will find more than enough to tide them over. Let’s just hope we don’t have to orbit the sun three more times before we get to hear it.

Download: “The Same Space”, “Venusia”


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