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WHO: Kele
WHERE: The Mod Club, Toronto
WHEN: September 3 2010

Though his first name doesn’t glimmer on it’s own, the ex-Bloc Party frontman can still channel enough energy to produce a raucous audience. Instead of an indie mosh pit, Kele stirs up mini dance parties, which when featuring stylish vintage glasses and an abundance of plaid, turn out to be full-on hipster bashes. Performances of releases like “Everything You Wanted” are pieces of vocal gold but they’re not enough to sway modern rock lovers.

Blame the strobe lights.


[Wish Bloc Party was still around? Let us know what you think of Kele below]



  • ms. banquet says:

    not all of his songs are bad. great photos

  • Patrick says:

    i agree with this review. Kele’s voice is great, but it just does not fit with what he’s trying to do

  • natalie says:

    i love Bloc Party wholheartedly, but i still think that Kele’s solo work is good. the albums includes some rather mediocre song, but also a couple of brilliant track. anyways… with or without Bloc Party, I would love to see Kele live.

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